Cupping Set (19 Cups) with extension tube and trigger point inserts

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Rated as the best cupping set for movement cupping (as used in Myofascial Cupping). and includes hand pump, sturdy vinyl carry case, trigger point inserts and 19 cups:

cup #1 (Dia. 2.0″) x 13 pcs
cup #2 (Dia. 1.75″) x 1 pc
cup #3 (Dia. 1.5″) x 2 pcs
cup #4 (Dia. 1.25″) x 2 pcs
cup #5 (Dia. 1.0″) x 1 pc.

The plastic cups are thick walled, crystal clear and are resistant to cracking. The strong hand pump is easy to use by an experienced cupping practitioner. This set is vastly superior in quality to cheaper brands and with special care, will last many years. Additional hand-pumps and cups are available.


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