Master Classes 4 DVD Set

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Masterclass series
(1) Live Case Study: Knee pain incorporating hip & thigh
(2) Live Case Study: Leg pain incorporating Foot and Ankle
(3) Live Case Study: Lumbopelvic pain
(4) Live Case Study: Shoulder Girdle Pain incorporating arm & forearm

Our Masterclass DVD series systemically follows a clinical scenario starting with client history taking and documenting presenting symptoms to final outcomes of the assessment and treatment of the condition, including an overview of biomechanics dysfunction which brought about the condition.

Shot from a number of camera angles and on-screen PowerPoint slides makes these new DVDs a ‘must see’ production for any therapist who’s serious about their craft

About the Presenter in our Masterclass DVD series
STUART HINDS is a practising soft tissue therapist starting his journey in 1990 and continues as a lecturer in remedial soft tissue techniques at Victoria University in Melbourne while maintaining a busy private practice in Geelong.

Stuart has worked with elite road cyclists and a range of athletes from all professional levels of sport, including being a soft tissue therapist for the Geelong Football Club which is part of the Australian Rules Football League.

Stuart has also published articles both nationally and internationally relating to soft tissue treatment and its relationship to musculoskeletal dysfunction in industry journals and mainstream publications.

He was also part of the soft tissue team for the 2004 Australian Olympic Team in Athens and the  2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

In 2003 Stuart presented at the Australian Conference in Science and Medicine in Sport on the practical dynamics of soft tissue treatment of adductor strains and keynote speaker at the 2005 Joint Sportex Sports Massage Association Conference in the UK. More recently he presented at the 2009 Australian Association of Massage Therapists National Conference in Hobart, Tasmania.

Movie trailer from Live Case Study: Shoulder Girdle Pain incorporating arm & forearm


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